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Hard Water Stain Removal Service for Glass Restoration

Water spots on windows make it look unclean and spoil the look of your living area. You need a lively environment in your room through your glass windows. You have to look for a better way to beat out this problem. Contrary to popular opinion, vinegar will not effectively remove hard water stains.

Water stains on windows are caused when water that is sprayed onto glass evaporates and leaves behind calcium carbonate. This residue accumulates over time, causing the glass to exhibit a frosted milky-white appearance.

If you're like thousands of other homeowners, you have probably tried every cleaning chemical advertised on TV that promises to solve your problem. Products like Lime-Away®, CLR®, Kaboom®, Kabaam®, Tilex®, Shower Power®, Ajax® and other similar products make promises but few deliver the results you are truly looking to achieve.

Usually, you must scrub, scour and breath in chemical fumes as you try to remove those stubborn hard water stains. In the end, most of the consumer grade hard water stain removal chemicals just don’t work all that well. Surprised? Probably not.

What may surprise you, although, is the fact that we can remove ANY hard water stain, guaranteed! How do we do it?

The real reason is that we have developed a process that actually polishes away hard water stains with a special compound and a lot of good old-fashioned elbow grease. Sometimes we even have to use power tools to grind and polish away hard water stains. We don’t stop until it’s perfectly clear and clean.

In addition to removing hard water stains on shower doors and windows, we can also remove hard water stains from surfaces like stainless steel, porcelain pool tile, toilet bowls, sinks and even automobile finishes.

After we remove your hard water stains, we can help keep them from coming back by utilizing the patented award-winning Diamon-Fusion® technology.

We do the dirty work so you don’t have to struggle with toxic chemicals and water stains yourself.

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Trust the Window Cleaning Palm Desert team to provide exceptional service to your home or office.

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