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Service Related Questions

Most window washing jobs take about 2-3 hours average to complete the cleaning of a 3000 square foot house. If the house is smaller or if we clean only the outsides, the time will be about an hour to complete. Large jobs or jobs requiring Deep Cleaning of the tracks, construction clean-up or hard water stain removal/restoration will take additional time.

No. You can request complete Inside and Outside window cleaning services, selected Inside and Outside cleaning, Outside only cleaning or even the "visually critical" selected windows on the outside that face the pool or golf course. We have $85 minimum charge for service.

When we clean the windows on the Inside & Outside, we will brush and blow out the exterior tracks AND we'll brush and vacuum out the interior tracks. When we clean just the Outsides of the windows, we will brush and blow the exterior tracks. Often times tracks will need a "Deep Cleaning" and will require to be wiped and detailed to remove muddy and/or stubborn debris. This is an additional service with extra charges associated.

Customer Support Questions

Some new customers have a desire to know what the cost for service will be before scheduling or before starting a job. We get it, nobody like surprises and everybody loves a choice. That's why we will provide you an estimated price over the phone (or via email/chat) and then a technician will confirm the price before beginning your project. This way you are in control of the transaction. 

You can schedule an appointment a few ways: Online, a phone call, email or chat. Scheduling online is a simple as clicking on this link, entering your contact, job site information and payment information and then you'll be presented with the available days and times to book your appointment. Scheduling on the phone will connect you with Traci, Jillian or Tim who will help guide your selection process. Scheduling by email or chat will start with a representative gathering your email address, subject and message. We will reply to request pertinent contact, job site and payment information.

We prefer that you pay for services using your credit card. This helps us to be more efficient in providing you a Positively Transparent window cleaning experience. Some customers ask if they can pay using a check. While we prefer and ask that clients use their credit card (and get bonus miles/reward benefits from their card issuer), we do accept checks.

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